A core value of any licensee is a commitment to compliance with applicable laws, regulations, codes and organisational standards. The primary purpose of your Compliance Committee is to monitor and report on your businesses compliance with the regulations.

  • Catalyst Compliance can be a member of your Compliance Committee or alternately be an external invitee.
  • Catalyst can assess, at least quarterly, whether internal control procedures in respect of your compliance program are adequate.
  • Catalyst can assist the Committee to identify any significant breach of the regulations.
  • We can also report and make recommendations about the internal control procedures within the business.
  • Catalyst takes the approach that the objective of the Committee is to assist the business in achieving a competitive advantage, and in driving performance.
  • We recognise that in compliance minimum standards are not sufficient or acceptable, however in maximising standards a proper balance should be maintained.
  • Catalyst will work with your Committee, the business and service providers, to ensure we understand your direction.
  • We will be proactive, looking ahead so as appropriate controls and systems are in place to support the business as it develops.

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